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Having troubles getting money in Australia (AU) with your current credit score? Are you worried that your bad credit history would hinder your next loan application and put a stop on your future plans? Leave your bad credit behind and let Lendbubble help you find the perfect lenders in Australia (AU) that will aid your immediate financial needs!

Working alongside a reliable panel of lenders, we will assist you by comparing and finding the best bad credit loans that could lend you up to ($$$) amount. The Lendbubble team is here to ease your worry on the hassles of getting traditional mortgage from banks or credit unions. We know your troubles and we are here to help, read on and find out exactly how Lendbubble can help you find yourself a bad credit loan in Australia (AU).

Bad credit loan with a guaranteed approval?

No responsible lender would just easily grant you their approval. This statement might worry you a lot, but it is the truth, and if ever you have encountered companies providing you a guaranteed approval for a loan with your bad credit history, that company is probably a bad news. Lendbubble is a much simpler, secured, and safe way of getting yourself a bad credit loan!

Here in Lendbubble, we highly discourage you to turn to adverts that says you’d get bad credit loan with guaranteed approval in Australia. Our team is focused in becoming the top lender-finder in Australia for people with bad credit scores by not focusing on the way you spent your money in the past but on how you’re able to cope and manage your earnings and debts today.

Personal Home Interest Loan Rate. Looking for reliable bad credit loans in Australia?

Steer away from the risky loan scams with guaranteed approvals and turn to Lendbubble instead. Our partner lenders in Australia are made sure to have a valid Australian Credit License, to guarantee that they would only offer you a loan to which is still made affordable to you without placing you the heavy weight of an additional financial burden. This is made possible by our partner lenders since they will be focusing on your current income, spending habits, and other financial commitments to determine the appropriate amount that they can loan to you.

At Lendbubble, we care about how you are now and not extremely concerned about your previous financial slip-ups. So, don’t worry too much and continue reading ahead!

Loans for Aussies

Car Loan? Home Loan? Am I eligible for a bad credit loan with Lendbubble?

Here are the eligibility requirements for Lendbubble application,

You must:

  •       Be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
  •       Be at least 18 years of age
  •       Have a valid email address and contact number
  •       Have received a regular income credited to your personal bank account for at least the past 90 days.

Now that you’ve met all these criteria, you are now eligible to apply to Lendbubble!

What other information do I need to prepare for my bad credit loan application?

Again, Lendbubble offers you a much simpler yet secured way of acquiring a bad credit loan. Being true to our words, we will only require you to submit a few documents that we would be sending to our lending partners who will then review and approve it.

Here is a short list of documents that we need from you:

  •       Proof of ID –this is just to identify you!
  •       Name and address of your current place of work
  •       myGov credentials (only applicable if you receive a Centrelink income)
  •       internet banking credentials –this is for us to be able to have a glimpse on your current income and expenses
  •       And lastly, your reason why you’re taking out a loan

If you have completed to prepare these very few documents we need and clicked submit, you are finally done with your application and the ball is now with the Lendbubble team to get moving and find among our partner lenders the perfect provider compatible with your bad credit loan application. In just 15 minutes or less, we may be able to connect you immediately to a lender!

Bad credit loans vs. Bad credit loans Adverts

Lendbubble hopes to teach you the significant difference between adverts such as ‘bad credit loans in Australia, guaranteed approval’ and legitimate lenders who offer genuine personal loans to people with bad credit history.

These adverts will only do you harm and may hurt you more financially. Legitimate bad credit loans, on the other hand, basically offers people with poor credit records a chance to get real mortgage without the fear of getting pressured by traditional loaning methods from banks or credit unions.

With Lendbubble, we make sure that we only work with loan providers who are flexible and reliable enough to understand that your situation in the past is not a reflection of how you manage your money and debts now. Be sure to only go for legitimate bad credit loan providers and not be blinded by adverts that are too good to be true!

Loans Australia

Financing tools are not only ideal for those instances when you need help paying for a substantial expense but also emergency spending that you have not totally prepared for. When taking out loans Australia, you want to make sure that you get the best chance possible to get approved. Perhaps one of the most important things lenders will look into when making a decision is our credit rating. Our borrowing history or the lack of it can reveal a lot about how you will behave if they should grant you a loan. Making sure that your bills are paid on time will make a difference in how lenders will perceive you. Late and missed payments will only give them a reason to regard you as a risky borrower. While this might not mean your loan will automatically get rejected, this might result in a loan offer with significantly expensive borrowing rates and fees.

How to apply with Lendbubble?

100% online. Yes, you read it right! Lendbubble is this quick and easy, just simply follow the steps below to apply:

Step #1: Submit your online application

Scroll up to use our loan calculator and select your desired loan amount. Input all other information needed for submission. Check the loan terms provided and once you’re happy with it, click the Apply button, and that’s it! You’re about to get your bad credit loan! Simple, right?

Step #2: Lendbubble team will submit your application to our partner lenders

We will take over from here and have our team specialists submit your application to a variety of prospective loan providers that would be most compatible to your bad credit loan needs. In just 15 minutes or under, Lendbubble may be able to match you right away with a suitable lender and put you two in touch.

Step #3: Read, review, and sign your contract

If you are successful in getting yourself a reliable lender, congratulations! Lendbubble team will then send you immediately an electronic copy (e-copy) of your new loan contract. Read it thoroughly, review it twice, then e-sign it! Reading the terms and conditions is a must so that you’d be aware of any fees and charges that may be included on your loan terms, such as late or missed payments.

Step #4: Finally, you can now get your cash!

Our team is supposed to only refer and connect you to a lender, so rest assured that the money will likely be transferred directly from your new lenders bank account to your preferred bank account destination. In just 60 seconds or less, you could already get your cash if your bank is NPP or Osko enabled. If no payment has been received yet, payments are generally processed overnight or the next business day, and please take note that payments done after business hours may usually take another extra day of bank processing. Congratulations on your first successful bad credit loan!

Bad Credit Loans

What is the cost for bad credit loans?

As we are only a lender-finder industry, Lendbubble cannot guarantee you the exact amount of costs of availing a quick cash loan from our partner lenders. However, we highly recommend to use our personal loan calculator and reviewing your loan contract, to take into account all relevant costs for your particular quick cash loan.

Why should I go with Lendbubble?

Lendbubble lender-finding service is top-notch! Customers from all over the country use Lendbubble every day and basing from the compilation of feedback we receive from our customers, here are some reasons why you should rely on Lendbubble for your bad credit loan concerns:

  •       In just 15 minutes, you can already be done with our application process. Simple, quick, and secured.
  •       100% online—no more long lines in the banks!
  •       All needed documents are accepted in digital format—so, no more files needed to be shipped or personally delivered.
  •       Upon receiving your application, Lendbubble does the job to find you your most compatible lender quickly!

Whether you are successful in connecting and making a loan contract to your new lender or not, Lendbubble will not leave you hanging for many days or weeks to come. Since we pride ourselves in providing a fast service, results of you application are also provided quickly.

Apply Now!

If you’re in a tight spot and in need of an emergency cash loan, Lendbubble can help you easily by shortening the bridge that would guide an understanding quick cash mortgage provider to you, a loan applicant punished by having a history of poor credit scores that happened years ago already.

Again, Lendbubble only accepts Australian citizens or permanent residents of the country, over 18 years of age, have a stable income for the past 90 days, and with valid email address and direct contact numbers. Avoid those risky advert loan scams and rely on us instead to help you get yourself a legitimate bad credit loan with our very own lender-finding service!

If you have any more queries, kindly check out our FAQ and how it works and costs pages. For more specific and detailed questions, you may contact us.

Don’t be scared of applying for mortgage again and continue to plan your future ahead. Apply with us and let Lendbubble find the lender that would most suit your financial needs! (Credit Representative Number - 535991) which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Marketplace Finance Pty Ltd (Credit Representative Number: 487316). is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. matches customer applications with lenders in our network based on the information provided, in exchange for a commission paid by the lender for advertising services provided. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted by a lender or that you will be offered terms suitable for your financial needs. Not all lenders will be able to provide amounts up to $5000. The time required to process and transfer the loan varies by the lender. This website does not directly endorse any particular product or service. Any information on this site should serve as opinion only. As a condition of extending credit, some lenders you may be matched with may run a credit check from a credit reference agency. Late or missed payments may be subject to increased fees and/or interest rates.

1. Subject to application being approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to $5000

2. Subject to lenders requirements and approval. The time that it takes for the cash to be received in your account will depend on your bank’s policies and procedures.

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