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We can provide you with a quick cash loan online up to 15,000 dollars which you can quickly access in your bank for any use.

At Lendbubble, we know some life situations often come unexpectedly and they are not cheap either. Like car repairs, house moving or repairs, buying gifts for a loved one on special occasions, or just needing to take a vacation. Our quick loans online are a result of our love to help people to get loans easy and stress-free. Our loans are tailored to meet your specific needs.


To apply for our loans, you will have to meet these simple requirements;

– Be 18 years old and above

– Be a citizen or resident of Australia

– Be receiving regular income from Centrelink, an employer, or your own business.

If you have made any credit mistakes in the past application, don’t worry our loans online offers are flexible. We don’t only consider your credit history but many other things.

We don’t expect every customer to be the same, we have a customer support team who are ready to look into your situation and offer help in the best way they can. We may not help you, assuming you receive income from any of these two; Austudy or Newstart.

Need Money? How Much Loan Can I Borrow? Cash Loans. 

You can borrow cash loans online that totals to 15,000 dollars. As a first time customer of Lendbubble, that receives Centrelink pension payment, you can apply and get up to 5,000 dollars loan. Employment income earners are qualified for up to 15,000 dollars in loans online.

Do You Provide Small Pensioner Loans?

The answer is yes! We can provide loans for pensioners. If you receive a Centrelink pension or any other type of pension payments, we are willing to help you. We offer up to 5,000 dollars loans online to Centrelink recipients who are also first-time customers.

Cash Loans Online

How to apply for quick cash loan online

We operate a 100% online application which is also very easy. Most customers complete applications for loans online within minutes.

Our system accepts your bank statements and your means of identification, if you please, you may email other relevant documents. After signing your contract online, you get your transfer.

Do You Provide Loans Online For Bad Credit?

If you have loan defaults in the past or a record of bankruptcy, yes, we can still help you get an emergency cash loan. Lenders and banks are closed to offering loans for people who have a history of financial mishaps but we are more flexible than that in our approach. We don’t take into account your credit history only, we also assess your bank statements and comfortability.

As a friendly lender, who offers excellent customer support we believe your past financial problem shouldn’t take you out of a second chance. You would be happy to know that once you begin your application with us, we are ready to be on your side for life, you can trust us.  

Are these really Secured Loans?

Chances are we may need you to use your car as security, this depends on your loan amount. We offer small loans of 1,600 dollars maximum and they are unsecured, you don’t need your car as collateral.

Although, we don’t need your car as collateral for quick cash loans that are between 1,600 dollars to 2,000 dollars, securing it with your car is good for your application.

You will need to use a car as security for loans that are between 2,000 to 15,000 dollars. You could use the car if you are buying a car with the money. You better not have current finance on the vehicle, however, we can still help you if that is the case.

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Terms And Conditions

– The repayment term is 5 years maximum

– The Nominal Annual Percentage Rate on interest charges is according to Section 153 of the National Credit Code.

– The minimum interest rate is 12% and the maximum is 48%

– Example 1; Principal is 2,000 dollars, Establishment charge is 400 dollars which is 20% of principal according to the NCCP Act. The total monthly fee is 480 dollars which is 4% of the principal as decided by the NCCP Act. The total cost is 2880 as a comparison rate.

– Example 2: Principal is 5,000 dollars, Establishment fee is 1,000 dollars, total cost plus interest is 8,500 based on an interest rate of 25 % for 2 years.

– Please note that this comparison rate is only correct for the given examples which may not contain all charges. The loan terms, fees, and amount determine the comparison rate.

– Lendbubble does not provide a loan amount of 2,500 that covers two years.